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Edamame three flavours

edamamme tres sabores

Won Ton

won ton frito



Chinese pickled eggplants with
ginger, oil and spices

berenjenas en escabeche chino

Sweet and sour spicy aubergines


Stir-fried lotus root with
Sichuan pepper

raíz de loto salteada con pimienta de sichuan

Pakchoy stir-fried with shiitake

pakchoy salteado con shiitake

Sauteed Chinese Cabbage

col china salteada

Green beans stir-fried with
chili and Sichuan pepper

judias verdes salteadas con pimienta de sichuan

Assorted vegetables stir-fried

verduras variadas salteadas en wok


Tofu with mushrooms and bamboo

tofu con setas y bambu

Tofu with spicy sauce
Sichuan style

tofu con salsa picante sichuan


You Bao Chicken

pollo you bao

Chicken Kong Bao

poyo Kong Bao

Peanut chicken fingers
with creamy lemon and cilantro sauce

finger de pollo

Duck stir fry with mushrooms
and bamboo

pato salteado al wok


Tapioca dumplings with steamed

 empanadilla de tapioca rellena de langostinos

Pork meat tambourines

tamborcillos de carne de cerdo

Vegetable dumplings

panecillo dulce relleno de cerdo al vapor

Steamed pork stuffed bread

panecillo dulce relleno de cerdo al vapor

Pork and vegetable dumplings

empanadillas rellenas de cerdo y verduras



Noodles with peanut sauce

fideos con salsa de cachuete

Stir-fried rice noodles

fideos de arroz salteados al wok

Sauteed wheat noodles
with soy sauce and vegetables

fideos de trigo con salsa de soja y verduritas

Stir-fried egg noodles
with pakchoy

fideos de huevo salteados con pakchoi

Crispy fried noodles with
thick soy sauce

 fideos crujientes con salsa de soja



Spicy pork
with seasonal vegetables

panceta salteada con verduras

Pig trotters Sichuan style

manitas de cerdo

Wok sirloin with spring onion

Fried pork ribs

costillas de cerdo fritas



Roasted duck

pato pekin


Green tender bamboo salad

 ensalada de bambu tierno verde

Chicken strips salad with cilantro
and soy sauce

ensalada de tiras de pollo

Marinated veal salad

ensalada matrimonial


Fried rice with sweet marinated pork

arroz con cerdo en adobo dulce

Fried rice with vegetables

arroz con verduras

House special fried rice

arroz de toda la vida


Spicy beef
(with Sichuan pepper)

ternera picante

Chinese steak
(served on hot griddle)

bistec chino servido en plancha caliente

Stir-fried veal with garlic and
spring onion

ternera al ajillo


Stir-fried fish with onion
and Chinese mushrooms

pescado al wok con cebolla

Grilled prawns with
onion and hot sauce

langostinos a la plancha

Prawns battered
with Sichuan pepper

langostinos rebozados con pimienta